picket UK US /ˈpɪkɪt/ noun [C] HR, WORKPLACE
(also picket line) a group of people who stand outside an organization's building holding signs to protest against something. The people who protest are often employees who disagree with the management: »

The rail union is planning a 150-person picket of the terminal for two days next week.


The new government was determined to avoid a return to the old days of industrial action and mass picket lines.


Most union members were reluctant to cross the picket line.

stand on/walk the picket line »

We spent two weeks walking the picket line, trying to get better benefits.


Workers staged a picket outside the factory gates.


Workers picked up their picket signs and began their protest.

Compare STRIKE(Cf. ↑strike) noun
UK a single person in a picket line: »

Police escorts were provided for tanker drivers who had experienced intimidation by pickets.

Compare PICKETER(Cf. ↑picketer)
See also FLYING PICKET(Cf. ↑flying picket)
picket UK US verb [I or T] HR, WORKPLACE
to show an organization that you are not satisfied with them by standing outside their building and trying to prevent people from entering and doing business with them : »

The firm's annual general meeting was picketed by union members angry at the decision to cut jobs.


The group has decided not to picket until after the talks.

Compare STRIKE(Cf. ↑strike) verb
picketing /ˈpɪkɪtɪŋ/ US  /-ṱɪŋ/ noun [U]

The proposed new law would ban picketing.

See also SECONDARY PICKETING(Cf. ↑secondary picketing)

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